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My name is Clarence (Hello), born in 1988, i got my undergrad degree in Sociology (with a concentration in Women's Studies) and I'm utterly terrified. I'm scared of everything, people, my own feelings and sometimes even being but really there's nothing much to be done about that despite what I say. And I will say a lot about how my life has no meaning and i want to die (which is the majority of the time) but sometimes it seems like life is worth living for and everything in it is a spectacular explosion of awe inspiring wonder (which is usually a three week span some time in March). If it seems odd to read think what it might be like living it. So to get off the topic of terror I prefer stories es. I like to read them, I love to live in them and there is nothing better to me than a story so I guess this blog is a story mostly about me. Don't bother trying to find themes, connection or messages in what I post cause there really aren't any (unless they are completely accidental).

This blog is a story about what I find, what I feel and what I think so to that end I collect things to post or reblog. Its not meant to be anything truly meaningful or interconnected, just fun (mostly fun for me if you don't like it you can fuck right off) This is collection of all the the weird and interesting links from around the net that I find, comics, technology, comedy, current events, sociology, general geek/nerd interest, and more weird stuff. I think it makes for the closest representation to who I am that I've ever done and it just keeps growing bigger which is most of the fun. Please feel free to talk to me and don't mind the depressive tone i will probably be using. I like to think I'm somewhat fun if also a complete idiot.
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How many depictions of the president and First Lady in conjunction with fried chicken, watermelon and apes do we need to see before we stop giving them the benefit of the doubt and just call it for the racism it is?


Three Radical New Brain-Mapping Tools Obama’s Plan Could Deliver

The Obama administration wants to make a huge investment in mapping the human brain, according to The New York Times. How can they get the most bang for their buck? We have details on three future technologies that are being eyed by the scientists behind the bold proposal.

The U.S. already has one big brain-mapping effort under way, the Human Connectome Project, which aims to map the connections between regions of the human brain. The new project would go beyond this static depiction and map the activity of individual neurons in real time.

“All the really interesting features of the brain — language, perception, cognition, the mind — emerge from collections of neurons interacting with each other in ways we don’t understand,” said neuroscientist John Donoghue of Brown University, one of the architects of the proposed project. It’s those interactions, the electrochemical blips coursing through networks of interconnected neurons, that the new Brain Activity Map project aims to capture.

The Connectome project focuses mostly on static images of the brain. Although it does include some measures of brain activity, the fMRI scans it will use provide a view that’s something like that of a city seen from an airplane window. What the scientists behind the proposed Brain Activity Map want instead are detailed street maps with real-time traffic info. Ideally, they want to record every blip of every neuron in a network of thousands, or even millions.

The scientists hope they’ll get as much as $3 billion over the next decade to build a new set of dream tools for studying how the human brain works when it’s healthy and what goes wrong in disorders like epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Here are three ideas they’ve discussed, all in various stages of development.

“Sure, they sound far-fetched,” Donoghue said. “But we’re on the cusp of being able to do them.”



President Obama approves plans to build a natural gas pipeline through an environmentally sensitive National Park in coastal Brooklyn. To be clear, there are millions of miles of gas lines in the U.S. So, a new line normally doesn’t make news. However, this pipeline is special. It will slice through a piece of a National Park called the Gateway National Park. Only the president has the authority to change what happens in our National Parks.

Thus, he signed a bill called the New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act. The bill was sponsored by a Republican congressman back in February. It would have died if it weren’t for Hurricane Sandy, which provides Obama with, in my opinion, enough cover to fend off environmentalists and lawsuits. After all, it helps provide much needed “clean energy” for New York City according to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the bill’s sponsors.

CBS reports:

The New York City Natural Gas Supply Enhancement Act authorizes Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to issue permits to build and maintain the pipeline, which is aimed at boosting access to natural gas in the region.

The three-mile pipeline would run from the Atlantic Ocean beneath Jacob Riis Park in the Rockaways and under Jamaica Bay to Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field.

Some area residents and environmental activists have voiced safety and planning concerns about the project.

Republican Rep. Michael Grimm, who represents Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, applauded the approval of the measure.

Grimm said the pipeline could bring as much as $265 million in revenue and create about 300 construction jobs.

In a statement, Grimm called the project an important economic boost to the region in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

The current pipeline system serving Brooklyn and Queens was built 40 to 60 years ago and can no longer meet current demand, Grimm said.

The new measure will allow for a new pipeline to be built off the existing Williams pipeline that currently brings natural gas from New Jersey to Long Island.

According to Grimm, the planned route will avoid residential, commercial and environmentally sensitive areas.

The measure was sponsored by Grimm and introduced with Reps. Gregory Meeks (D-Queens) and Robert Turner (R-Brooklyn/Queens).



…the president’s second term may provide another chance for him to push his vision for high-speed passenger rail, which was stalled by Congress’ refusal to keep paying for it.



….The Bush administration’s contempt for what it dismissed as the “reality-based community” was vindicated when it successfully ginned up a war by convincing Americans that the 9/11 hijackers were Iraqis and that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Our susceptibility to elaborate, beautifully wrought myths remains intact—whether we’re being spun by politicians, captains of finance pumping up a bubble, or sports heroes like Lance Armstrong and Joe Paterno. The news business, which we once counted on to vet hoaxes and fictions, is now so insecure about its existential future that it was cowed to some extent…ignoring the statistical data…and instead predicting a long, nail-biting Election Night. (In reality, the election was called for Obama at 11:12 p.m. EST on NBC, just twelve minutes after it had been in 2008.) Our remaining journalistic institutions have even outsourced what used to be the very core of their craft, fact-checking, to surrogates relegated to gimmicky sidebars (awarding Pinocchios and “pants on fire”). The fact-checkers have predictably become partisan targets, only further destabilizing the whole notion of what is meant by “news.”



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OHHHHH SNAP! Watch “The Young Turks” tonight at 7E/4P for more of President Obama’s “Atlas Shrugged” book report and other blunt talk from a new “Rolling Stone” article.

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All in all, last night was a fine conclusion to the trilogy of debates. Between the two candidates, a sincere belief in a peaceful world and acceptance… of remote controlled hellfire drones to achieve that end.
Jon Stewart hits the nail on the head (via thesoapboxschtick)

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