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I like to think I’m an acquired taste, like old whiskey or arsenic in your tea

My name is Clarence (Hello), born in 1988, i got my undergrad degree in Sociology (with a concentration in Women's Studies) and I'm utterly terrified. I'm scared of everything, people, my own feelings and sometimes even being but really there's nothing much to be done about that despite what I say. And I will say a lot about how my life has no meaning and i want to die (which is the majority of the time) but sometimes it seems like life is worth living for and everything in it is a spectacular explosion of awe inspiring wonder (which is usually a three week span some time in March). If it seems odd to read think what it might be like living it. So to get off the topic of terror I prefer stories es. I like to read them, I love to live in them and there is nothing better to me than a story so I guess this blog is a story mostly about me. Don't bother trying to find themes, connection or messages in what I post cause there really aren't any (unless they are completely accidental).

This blog is a story about what I find, what I feel and what I think so to that end I collect things to post or reblog. Its not meant to be anything truly meaningful or interconnected, just fun (mostly fun for me if you don't like it you can fuck right off) This is collection of all the the weird and interesting links from around the net that I find, comics, technology, comedy, current events, sociology, general geek/nerd interest, and more weird stuff. I think it makes for the closest representation to who I am that I've ever done and it just keeps growing bigger which is most of the fun. Please feel free to talk to me and don't mind the depressive tone i will probably be using. I like to think I'm somewhat fun if also a complete idiot.
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Dr. Philip Emeagwali

Inventor of the World’s Fastest Computer…because of bees.

The noted black inventor received acclaim based, at least in part, on his study of nature, specifically bees. Emeagwali saw an inherent efficiency in the way bees construct and work with honeycomb and determined computers that emulate this process could be the most efficient and powerful.

In 1989, emulating the bees’ honeycomb construction, Emeagwali used 65,000 processors to invent the world’s fastest computer, which performs computations at 3.1 billion calculations per second.

That feat led to computer scientists comprehending the capabilities of supercomputers and the practical applications of creating a system that allowed multiple computers to communicate. He is recognized as one of the fathers of the Internet.

So a Black person invented the internet.

Even CNN believes it»

more info»

more info 2»

im tellin u, all the answers are found in nature. and Africans are wizards at emulating natural processes to create the most majestic inventions in the world.

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“Hey! Let’s piss off the internet by threatening to nuke the internet via a censorship bill! It’ll be hilarious, you guys!”

No one in their right mind would say that, right?

Oh… wait.

And then…

And then… 

And then…

And then…

And then…

And then…

And then…

And then…

And then…

And then…

We Anonymous are launching our largest attack ever on government and music industry sites. Lulz. The FBI didn’t think they would get away with this did they? They should have expected us.


The following sites were taken down in response to the FBI shutting down megaupload.com


  • justice.gov
  • universalmusic.com
  • riaa.org
  • mpaa.org
  • copyright.gov
  • hadopi.fr
  • wmg.com
  • usdoj.gov
  • bmi.com
  • fbi.gov
  • Anti-piracy.be/nl/
  • ChrisDodd.com
  • Vivendi.fr
  • Whitehouse.gov
  • Anonymous dupes users into joining Megaupload attack

    The Internet Strikes Back #OpMegaupload

    Anonymous Just Deleted CBS.com and Took Down Universal

    Petition Seeks Probe of MPAA ‘Bribery’ Over SOPA


    Conclusion: Threatening to nuke the internet = bad, bad idea. 

    Follow Fight for the Future and AmericanCensorship.org for updates. Just because it’s been shelved doesn’t mean it can’t come back. Also, there’s ACTA, which is SOPA/PIPA on steroids:

    Anonymous’ hijinks may be amusing, but censorship is real. Stay vigilant and stay informed, folks. You never know what shit they’ll say next.